Four Innovative Industries

Innovations developed by entrepreneurs have transformed the world’s economies by creating jobs, increasing productivity, and improving the quality of life for people everywhere. 

As GES convenes entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem supporters together for two and a half days of dynamic panel discussions, high-impact networking, mentoring and investment matchmaking, the 2017 Summit in Hyderabad, India will focus on four innovative, high-growth industries:


Healthcare and Life Sciences

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), advances in data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) have created unprecedented growth opportunities within the healthcare and life sciences industries.  Entrepreneurs are innovating smart healthcare solutions that are extending lives, improving quality of life, and enhancing the speed of diagnosis and care for people around the world. 

GES programming specific to healthcare and life sciences will include sessions on investing in healthcare startups, keeping and nurturing women in STEM, low-cost innovations revolutionizing healthcare, connecting science and entrepreneurship, how AI will shape tomorrow, and reimagining the future of health.


Digital Economy and Financial Technology

Entrepreneurship is the heart and soul of the digital economy, and entrepreneurs are at the center of that global transformation of consumption patterns, promoting greater connectivity and inclusivity through more accessible and lower cost services and products. Entrepreneurship and innovation have advanced consumer access to banking services, reduced fraud, lowered transaction costs, and grown economies.  Experts predict that more than 6 billion people around the world will own smartphones by 2020. The digital economy needs innovative financial technology to expand and thrive with the growing global user base, as well as to create new ways to conduct business and collaborate in reshaped workplaces.

GES programming specific to the digital economy and financial technology will include sessions on game changers in payment platforms, financial technology disruptors, the future of manufacturing, and technologies for a cashless society.

Energy and Infrastructure

Across the globe, urban and rural communities seek to modernize infrastructure to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and increase access to goods and services.  Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs to leverage emerging technologies to build smarter cities and connect communities across the world. 

GES programming specific to energy and infrastructure will include sessions on modernizing mobility infrastructure, managing water as a scarce resource, getting on the energy grid, cities of tomorrow, and innovative technologies to recycle waste


Media and Entertainment

Entrepreneurs are transforming the media, arts, and entertainment landscape.  Digital media platforms are providing new ways for people to learn and seek information, express ideas and engage with the world. This modern transformation of the media landscape creates new jobs, markets, and revenue streams that did not exist a decade ago.

Not only do media and entertainment platforms catalyze innovation, technology, and job growth, it also promotes the sharing of culture and creativity.  Entrepreneurs have transformed the movie, music and media industries, influencing popular culture and discourse, as well as the ways societies relate to each other. As home to Hollywood and Bollywood, respectively, the United States and India are at the crossroads of this global industry. 

GES programming specific to media and entertainment will include sessions on the path to moviemaking, creative entrepreneurship, and advancing women’s opportunities in the media industry.